Learn and Teach


Course Philosolhy:With reference to the "Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide (2017)" of the
Education Bureau, the school organizes appropriate courses according to the characteristics of
children's growth and development, and also develops children's potentials in a multi-intelligent
orientation, so that children can learn by way of life experience, sensory contact and fun activities
to foster their ability to create and the ability to think and solve problems. This lets children enjoy a
balanced development of the spirit, virtue, intelligence, the body, being part of a group and beauty
in a pleasant and harmonious environment.

Course Design:The curriculum is designed with children as the central, focus and with an
integrated game strategy thus has comprehensive balance. Coordinating the use of theme
teaching, project learning, group teaching and other modes of teaching to foster children's learning
interest, positive, active-learning-attitude, in order to lay a good foundation for life